FM Handover Built for the Owner

Are you overwhelmed by incomplete and inaccurate building information?

KTrack is working to combat poor FM Handover which leaves you, the building owner with binders and thumb drives full of data you can't put to work. Take control of the handover process and be up and running on day one with a single source of data and documentation for all of your projects and properties.


Create Control

Put your building information in the right hands and streamline its use.

  • No more cumbersome binders, hand-written notes or lost thumb drives. The KTrack platform allows you, the building owner to choose how your handover information is provided to you.
  • Get everyone on the same page. Deliver applicable information to your team members through customized dashboard access for each of your vendors. 
  • Go mobile. KTrack supports intuitive data collection and quick and easy adoption. Allow your vendors to collect and input data on site so that nothing gets overlooked. 

Develop Standards

Decide what data is important to your team and create consistency throughout projects.

  • Keeping things simple. The KTrack platform is designed to make things simple for your team by providing a reusable asset template for your data input. No need to reinvent the wheel, let previous projects and existing standards lead the way.
  • Consider the process. Structure the progression of each asset through its lifecycle— from approved submittal to delivery and installation to start-up and eventually retirement. Use our best practices to guide your selection of workflows and data standards.


Optimize your data

It's time to put your data to work!

  • Evaluate your data. Once your data is consistent and accounted for, you can put it to work.
  • Know what you’re working with. Evaluate your data across your property portfolio. Identify missing data points, worst and star performers and create change where needed.
  • Total cost calculation. The KTrack solution aggregates total cost of asset ownership. Organized, optimized data will give you the option to make smarter decisions when initially purchasing or budgeting for your project. 



Integrate with Ease

extend your bim model.

  • Need your data in a format designed for everyday use? Use KTrack's Autodesk Revit plugin to easily extract, view, transform your building data. When is it ready it can be loaded into KTrack with a click of a button.
  • Identifying data inconsistencies before committing the data to the Facility Asset Library means you can be up and running with cleaner data in a short amount of time.
  • When your data comes in phases, KTrack knows what has been loaded, update or replaced which saves you the headaches associated with reconciling multiple BIM models.
  • Once the project is complete your data can be pushed back into the BIM model to keep everything in sync.