Facilities Management Handover

Your building project is done! Now what? KTrack helps organize the handover process so that nothing slips through the cracks. We know how many pieces of data your project has, and we want to put that data to work for you! Free yourself from messy binders and unorganized systems with our comprehensive, universal asset management system. 

Our Solution is Unique

Your building project has thousands of moving parts. What happens when you need to hand them over to a new team to manage? The KTrack FM Handover process is simple and unique to our solution. We help you identify standards and organizational strategies so that you don't have to depend on messy binders or inconsistent systems to manage your building.

Asset Data Standards

Define the exact asset types that you want to track. Identify which documents and data points that make sense for your building. Separate these data points for various teams: construction, management, and operations and management. Maintain consistent data standards and keep throughout the project. We'll help you enforce them throughout your project.

StakeHolder Data Management

Different arms of your team need different information. We make it simple to share the right information with the right people. Assign asset types, data and document responsibilities to your project's stakeholders.


You may call your building chiller a chiller, but what if your accountant calls it a cooler? We provide a universal template for owner data standards so that nothing is lost or confused in translation. We understand how important it is to be on the 'same page' globally. When standards are defined, we can begin to store and compare data on a larger scale.


KTrack delivers a consistent, identical handover package for every project.