The KTrack Handover

Collect validate and deliver asset, location, vendor data, warranties, reconciled as-built models , documents, images, and more with KTrack.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Know you exact handover requirements, who is responsible for each, when they are expected to be complete, and whether each requirement is satisfied.

Integrate with BIM

Sync your data across multiple models, view your 2D and 3D models with links to KTrack data, account for all assets defined within each model to ensure an accurate as built.

Dominate Data Management

Proven workflows coupled with exception data management tools ensure minimize data collection and verification efforts while ensuring high levels of accuracy.

Access Project Data from Anywhere

KTrack’s web and mobile application platform let’s stakeholders access project data anywhere improving productivity and ensuring data accuracy.

Deliver Extraordinary Results

Deliver with confidence accurate and complete handover data and documentation at occupancy or before. Test client data transfer prior to project completion to ensure seamless data integration to CMMS.

Recoup hundreds of hours lost looking for information you can now access in KTrack.

Your project data is intelligently organized so you can quickly access asset or location specific information in seconds.

  • Submittals, RFIs, Images, and other important documents are linked to assets, locations, and vendors so you don’t have to search through large repositories to find what you are looking for.
  • Web and mobile accessibility ensure you have access to the information you need wherever you are.
BIM to FM on iOS or Android
BIM to FM mobile data access

Accurate project data when and where you need it.

Data collection and verification workflows ensure you have access to the most up to date information

  • When data is collected and verified through out the project life cycle you always have access to the most up to data information.
  • Eliminate mistakes and rework resulting from decisions made based on bad data.
  • Eliminate the reconciliation of multiple RFIs later in the project to correct asset or location data.

Access to your project data should never be device or manufacturer dependent

Cross platform mobile applications ensure everyone has access to what they need.

  • Designed and built for tablets and phones.
  • Download the KTrack app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • KTrack is available on iOS, Android, and Windows UWP.
multiplatform mobile device

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