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Procore Integration – Coming Soon

KTrack is attending the Procore Partner Summit this week. We are extremely excited to work together with like-minded companies that build solutions to provide a better life for all people involved in construction.

KTrack is currently working on an integration with Procore. KTrack’s initial integration with Procore will enable users to synchronize Project Specifications and Submittal logs between Procore and KTrack projects.

Eliminate confusion about handover data collection before your project goes out to bid.

Harnessing project specifications to bring clarity to you handover data requirements.

Connecting Procore project specifications with KTrack will streamline the process of identifying asset types in the project and connecting those asset types to the owner’s handover data and document collection requirements. Connecting project specifications with asset types will provide the building owner and project team a complete list of asset types specified on the project that should be considered for data collection. With KTrack we can then easily apply the owner’s handover data and document requirements to each asset type. The result is a comprehensive list of project specific asset types per specification division with clearly defined data and document collection collection requirements.

Keep your submittal documents in Procore…Process your submittal data in KTrack.

Submit —> Approve —> Process

KTrack Project Users will be able to view their Procore Submittal Log within their KTrack project. As submittal documents are uploaded, processed and approved in Procore KTrack users will receive notifications indicating it is time to process the approved submittal in KTrack and capture the required data for each asset model. A new Approved Submittal workflow in KTrack will walk the user through capturing all relevant asset model and asset specific data from the submittal then mark the submittal processed in KTrack. This new workflow ensures project users only have to touch the approved submittal once to capture the required data for handover.

As if it did not get any better Procore users will not have to upload Procore Submittal documents to KTrack. KTrack users will access all relevant submittal data and documents directly from Procore.

  • Cloud-based construction management software application
  • Increase project efficiency and accountability by providing streamlined project communication and documentation
  • Manage projects from any web-connected mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop
  • Provide users a way to collaborate on projects and view documents, such as submittals, RFIs, and drawings