Enhance your data handover deliverable with the leading BIM to FM data management software

KTrack simplifies complex construction data requirements to
create a customized plan for data collection, validation,
and delivery so your facility can achieve day-one operational

Clients, Partners, & Projects

Establish complete confidence in your handover deliverable

The KTrack software is designed specifically to support your handover data collection efforts at each stage of your project’s lifecycle. Create your project data execution plan, implement your plan, and deliver your data with confidence.

Create your Project Data Execution Plan

KTrack’s customizable data management platform allows you to set data requirements, guarantee data integrity, and ensure consistent reporting throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Build out your project’s digital twin with KTrack’s BIM integrations and harness your project data on your own terms.

Implement your Plan for Flawless Data Collection

KTrack’s purpose-built collection tools ensure that you can collect your asset data to meet COBie standards with confidence. We provide the tools, means, and methods to guide your project team, ensuring accurate, complete, and consistent data collection.

Deliver your Project Data with Confidence

All your data, in one place, ahead of schedule. Simplify project handover with KTrack.

CMMS/FM testing guarantees problem-free formatting and uploading and the accuracy and completion of your data, pre-handover.


Assets Tracked

$4+ Billion

Value of Projects


Sq. Ft. Served

Architect of the Capitol - Cannon Office Building


Constructed in 1908, the Cannon House Office Building is the oldest of the House of Representatives office buildings. Originally constructed as a four-story building, shortly after completion the Cannon Building was expanded by the addition of a fifth floor to accommodate the need for additional offices for House members.

$752,700,000 BUDGET




Architect of the Capitol - Cannon Office Building

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KTrack helps you create and execute a custom tailored plan for your construction data collection, providing a complete and actionable data deliverable. Streamline your processes and centralize your project data with KTrack’s Software and Service Solutions