Collecting and verifying facility data has never been so easy!

The most efficient way to manage your handover data!

Managing handover for your project? Until now, managing handover data has been a tedious, painful chore. KTrack changes all that. We’re revolutionizing the entire process, from design to delivery and every phase in between. We’re online and mobile enabled handover software that gives your project team the competitive edge.

Get everyone on the same page

Well defined objectives enable superior handover deliverables.
  • Know what data you are required to collect.
  • Know who is responsible for specific data collection.
  • Know what data you have and have not collected.
  • Empower your team with handover dashboards to keep everyone informed.

Define your project’s handover requirements in KTrack and we will keep you organized.

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Revit 2017 Lockup OL Stacked No Year
Revit 2017 Lockup OL Stacked No Year

Integrate KTrack with Revit, AutoCAD, and Navisworks

  • Import model data into KTrack, assemble and validate your handover data then sync your data with your models.
  • Utilize KTrack’s web and mobile enabled model viewer to access your 2D and 3D models and view real time asset data.
  • Reconcile asset and location listings across design intent, coordination, fabrication, and as built models to ensure all assets are accounted for.
  • Sync as-built data back into your design intent, fabrication, and as-build models.

Reduce data collection and verification efforts by 75%

  • KTrack’s tested workflows ensure project stakeholders capture and validate data in a fraction of the time compared to COBie spreadsheets.
  • Bulk data management processes ensure efficient updates to large numbers of assets while ensuring data integrity.
  • Mobile data capture extends the handover effort to the front line.
  • Mobile data verification ensures your data is accurate.
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Save thousands with access to centralized project data

KTrack enables real time access to centralized project data from anywhere!
  • Recoup hundreds of hours lost looking for information you can now access in KTrack.
  • KTrack ensures key stakeholders have access to the data they need when they need it.
  • Eliminate mistakes and rework with access to accurate project data.

Ditch the spreadsheets and start managing your data with KTrack!