We're putting the building owner back in control.


We've created a mobile, facilities management platform specifically built to organize and optimize all of your building assets-- from design, to construction, all the way through later-stage operations and maintenance. Your building data is important. By organizing it, making it mobile-ready and collabortive we're putting you, the building owner, back in control.


Save Time

Our automated work order process saves time and increases workforce productivity. Imagine your maintenance staff saving 30 minutes to one hour per work order!


Increase Productivity

Automated communication and monitoring improves efficiency and reduces redundant processes. We can help to increase your staff productivity by 20% or more. 


Extend Asset Life

Routine preventative and prescriptive maintenance (PM) reduces repair costs and extends the life of your equipment by as much as 40%.

KTrack organizes and simplifies, bringing your team together.


Our mission is to provide building owners and teams with a comprehensive, long-term solution for one of the industry's biggest challenges: data management. We're doing that with one simple cloud-based platform that organizes all of your building assets into one place, therefore extending the life and utility of the information. 

We're revolutionizing facilities management handover.

Building Owner


Data in the palm of your hand

Make informed decisions. Capital expenditures can now be made using hard data. Utilization of in-house and third-party labor is reduced and controllable.


become a valued partner

O&M staff now provides accurate cost information on all building assets. Deferred maintenance and reactive service calls diminish substantially.


collaborate with your clients

Having a collaborative platform for all constituencies affords greater cooperation and accuracy. A single stage housing all available information     accelerates completion.


save money and time on projects

Using one platform drives constancy throughout your organization. Providing the Owner a complete O&M package at handover positively impacts cash flow.     

We know our stuff.


The KTrack founders, Owen Knott and Martin Knott, Jr. have extensive experience in facilities management and maintenance from design and construction to operations and maintenance. Currently, their firm Knott Mechanical is one Maryland’s premier commercial HVAC and plumbing service providers, working with more than 1,200 customers in Central Maryland providing service in over 2,000 buildings comprising over 100 million sq. ft. of space.

At its inception in 2002, the team at Knott Mechanical chose to take a new approach to operating a mechanical services business. That tactic was to use technology to streamline their operations, provide clients real time advice and potential solutions to problems that were encountered. To that end, the founders began work on what was to become KTrack and the platform to manage all aspects of asset management and maintenance for their clients. The use of KTrack has enabled a 120% increase in worker productivity and employee satisfaction.

KTrack has consciously evolved into a SaaS platform that serves as a bridge between the design, construction, operations and maintenance stages of construction and/or the renovation of a facility. Ktrack is currently being in use in a number of large building projects.



Meet the Leadership Team


Martin Knott

Chief Executive Officer

Owen Knott

Chief Technology Officer


Bill Spies

Senior Product Manager

Meet our Advisory Board

We are very fortunate to have support from our advisory board of industry leaders. Hear from our board members Ken Bado and Murray Hestley about the impact KTrack in having on the industry.